class uwsgiconf.options.monitoring_pushers.Pusher(*args)
class uwsgiconf.options.monitoring_pushers.PusherSocket(address, *, prefix=None)

Push metrics to a UDP server.

Uses the following format: <metric> <type> <value> <type> - is in the numeric form of metric type.

  • address (str) –
  • prefix (str) – Arbitrary prefix to differentiate sender.
class uwsgiconf.options.monitoring_pushers.PusherRrdtool(target_dir, *, library=None, push_interval=None)

This will store an rrd file for each metric in the specified directory.

Each rrd file has a single data source named “metric”.

  • target_dir (str) – Directory to store rrd files into.
  • library (str) – Set the name of rrd library. Default: librrd.so.
  • push_interval (int) – Set push frequency.
class uwsgiconf.options.monitoring_pushers.PusherStatsd(address, *, prefix=None, no_workers=None, all_gauges=None)

Push metrics to a statsd server.

  • address (str) –
  • prefix (str) – Arbitrary prefix to differentiate sender.
  • no_workers (bool) – Disable generation of single worker metrics.
  • all_gauges (bool) – Push all metrics to statsd as gauges.
class uwsgiconf.options.monitoring_pushers.PusherCarbon(address, *, node_realm=None, node_root=None, push_interval=None, idle_avg_source=None, use_metrics=None, no_workers=None, timeout=None, retries=None, retries_delay=None, hostname_dots_replacer=None)

Push metrics to a Carbon server of Graphite.

Metric node format: <node_root>.hostname.<node_realm>.metrics_data.

  • address (str|list[str]) – Host and port. Example:
  • node_realm (str) – Set carbon metrics realm node.
  • node_root (str) – Set carbon metrics root node. Default: uwsgi.
  • push_interval (int) – Set carbon push frequency in seconds. Default: 60.
  • no_workers (bool) – Disable generation of single worker metrics.
  • idle_avg_source (str) –

    Average values source during idle period (no requests).

    • last (default)
    • zero
    • none
  • use_metrics (bool) –

    Don’t compute all statistics, use metrics subsystem data instead.


    Key names of built-in stats are different from those of metrics system.

  • timeout (int) – Set carbon connection timeout in seconds. Default: 3.
  • retries (int) – Set maximum number of retries in case of connection errors. Default: 1.
  • retries_delay (int) – Set connection retry delay in seconds. Default: 7.
  • hostname_dots_replacer (str) –

    Set char to use as a replacement for dots in hostname in <node_root>.hostname.<node_realm>.metrics_data`

    This affects Graphite aggregation mechanics.


    Dots are not replaced by default.

class uwsgiconf.options.monitoring_pushers.PusherZabbix(address, *, prefix=None, template=None)

Push metrics to a zabbix server.

  • address (str) –
  • prefix (str) – Arbitrary prefix to differentiate sender.
  • template (str) – Print (or store to a file) the zabbix template for the current metrics setup.
class uwsgiconf.options.monitoring_pushers.PusherMongo(*, address=None, collection=None, push_interval=None)

Push statistics (as JSON) the the specified MongoDB database.

  • address (str) – Default:
  • collection (str) – MongoDB colection to write into. Default: uwsgi.statistics
  • push_interval (int) – Write interval in seconds.
class uwsgiconf.options.monitoring_pushers.PusherFile(fpath=None, *, separator=None, push_interval=None)

Stores stats JSON into a file.


Mainly for demonstration purposes.

  • fpath (str) – File path. Default: uwsgi.stats
  • separator (str) – New entry separator. Default:
  • push_interval (int) – Write interval in seconds.