Alarm Types

class uwsgiconf.options.alarm_types.AlarmType(alias: str, *args, **kwargs)
class uwsgiconf.options.alarm_types.AlarmCommand(alias: str, *, command: str)

Run a shell command, passing info into its stdin.

class uwsgiconf.options.alarm_types.AlarmSignal(alias: str, *, sig: int)

Raise an uWSGI signal.

class uwsgiconf.options.alarm_types.AlarmLog(alias: str)

Print line into log.

class uwsgiconf.options.alarm_types.AlarmMule(alias: str, *, mule: int)

Send info to a mule waiting for messages.

class uwsgiconf.options.alarm_types.AlarmCurl(alias: str, url: str, *, method: str = None, ssl: bool = None, ssl_insecure: bool = None, auth_user: str = None, auth_pass: str = None, timeout: int = None, conn_timeout: int = None, mail_from: str = None, mail_to: str = None, subject: str = None)

Send info to a cURL-able URL.

class uwsgiconf.options.alarm_types.AlarmXmpp(alias: str, *, jid: str, password: str, recipients: Union[str, List[str]])

Send info via XMPP/jabber.